Sunday, February 13, 2011

Not Exactly the Valentine's Day Mani I Wanted....

I thought I'd try my first gradient...when I swatched it on paper, it seems sheer enough to include some stamping nail art as the gradient was subtle enough let the stamp show thru. When I went to actually stamp it, the layers didn't want to allow the stamp to show so I had to improvise (unless I wanted to stamp with black and I didn't); here's what I came up with.

While not what I had envisioned, not terribly bad. I got these Martha Stewart glitters last year for cheap cheap after Valentine's Day had passed-when Michaels puts all the stuff discounted to 80% off.

I used China Glaze Bridezilla, OPI And This Little Piggy, then China Glaze Carnival Lights for the gradient. Here's mani in progress:

Two coats of Bridezilla:

About two-thirds way in, did two coats of And This Little Piggy:

Then third in, two coats of Carnival Lights:

I'll probably do another gradient sometime when my nails are a little longer so I can ensure I have enough room for stamping...lesson learned!

Thanks for looking!


  1. The gradient looks absolutely lovely. :)

  2. Your gradient looks perfect! Mine never look that smooth.

  3. Ooh, I might try this - ATLP and Carnival Lights seem like they'd be perfect for a gradient! :) Good choices!

  4. i love this gradient! it's gorgeous just on it's own!


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