Friday, February 25, 2011

Most Awesome Swap Everrrrrr!

My #1 all time lemming has been the Hot Topic image plates since I started stamping. Of course, by the time I discovered stamping, the Hot Topic image plates were long gone and now, very, very hard to find and extremely elusive. I never thought I'd ever, ever have them...however, I was contacted by the ever so generous Brooke who offered them for swap. The swap was finalized and a short time thereafter, they were sitting in my mailbox....

As much as I love polish, my thing is stamping and I can't thank Brooke enough for swapping these with me! Here's my first time using them with Cheeky Monkey Romp:

Used the stars as a somewhat funky french tip with Nicole by OPI Positive Energy for stamping....otherwise, didn't do too much as it was almost 2 am when I did my mani....I wore this mani for four days and it held up well (other than the dreaded SV shrinkage...)

(notice in this picture that after just a few minutes, SV shrinkage has already started on middle finger....urgggh Why SV, Why!!! I so need to find something else as my attempts at wrapping my tips obviously aren't successful!)

I really like the iridescence in this polish; its the same as Nina Ultra Pro Royal Purple that I posted here....I wish I could find this finish in every colour.....Here's two coats of Romp by itself....I have quite a few Cheeky Monkey polishes but haven't used them yet...I think that will change much polish; so little time!

Do you swap? I have to thank everyone who does as it is a great way to obtain polish/plates etc that you otherwise would never have as well as help someone else out in obtaining their lemmings...I've even swapped with some of you! thank you! The nail blogesphere has some awesome, amazing ladies out there and it is an amazing concept so kudos to whoever thought of it!!

Thx for looking!


  1. OMG you are so lucky!!! I've been wanting these plates since I started stamping. I hope I have your luck one day.

    Enjoy =D

  2. omg you are too lucky!...i recently swapped for 6 essence plates and the starter kit! <3 best plates ever!...i agree with enamel girl =) doesn't this plate have the skull design on! if so cant wait to see if you do anything else from this plate in the future.

    was it one or 2 plates you got?

    /hugs to you as always girl!

  3. Very cool. Serious congrats on a fulfilled lemming!

  4. Yayyy! So glad to see you are enjoying them :)
    I must say that star stamp is the one I will miss the most from the plates lol it is truly unique :)

  5. Those stars rock!

    Very nice!



  6. SarahLouise: Yes, these are the plates that do have the skull and yes, Brooke generously swapped both of them...I did use the skull image on my right hand but this polish was so hard to clean up that my hand was too camera shy despite my best efforts! I'm thinking of a couple different mani's with these plates including the skull image so hopefully will be able to do them soon!

    Brooke: What can I say?!! Thx so much again and hope you are enjoying your end of the swap too! BTW: you are gorgeous...checked out your youtube channel; I've actually swapped with Tracy for some jewellery in exchange for polish she was looking for and love it! Nfu 51 in jewellery-how cool is that! (Thats what I got!). I think that the stars are the most universal of the images on these plates but was mainly looking for the skull...there's a few skulls out there on plates but none with this edge! (Not like I'm super funky anyway....)

    Thx so much again for fulfilling this lemming!

    TY everyone for your comments and I hope you enjoy any swaps you are in-and hope you are able to fulfil your lemmings too!

  7. Awesome! Congrats on getting your lemming, I swap too and it's the best :):)


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