Monday, February 20, 2012

Family Day Mani...for Family Day!

Today is Family Day in excuse for a long weekend in February! I thought I'd do a mani about my family; this is what I came up with!

I'm on the thumb...a coffee loving, card playing, nail fanatic!

Next is DH. He loves the Toronto Maple Leafs, playing cards...and eating! That cupcake was suppose to be on my nail as I'm the baker and I had another food image for his nail...just not enough room!

Middle finger is DS1. No, he's not a closet Jason! lol! That's a goalie mask as DS is a goalie for lacrosse....right now, he's playing for a JrA lacrosse team in our was also on Team Ontario, who won the National Championship this past summer for his age group...ya, he lives, eats and breathes lacrosse! He's also a big gamer....but I chose to add a pair of earphones as, typical of most least any I know of, he has a wire hanging out of at least one of his ears from his ipod most of the time.

Ring finger is DD...the butterfly is for Ms. Social Butterfly...also a makeup loving, shop 'til she drops teen...who has a massive sweet tooth, hence the candy! Too bad that I mumble stamped all these together...she's also loves to sing and dance...I had stamps set aside for her nail for this too...just not enough space on my little nails.

Pinky is DS2...a massive gamer too, hence Pikachu! In addition to gaming (when he's not eating, sleeping or breathing), he also likes to swim as well play with his pal Spike...who's right on the tip of the nail!

Base colours, two coats, starting at thumb, are Duri Taming of the Shrew, SpaRitual Circle of Life, China Glaze Turned Up Turquoise (3 coats), CND Sweet (this could be a one coater but I did two), and LA Girl Disco Brites Psychedelic (3 coats).

Stamped using white Konad special polish using unnamed/unmarked fauxnad for coffee, fauxnad m56 (leaf), NailArt Diva WBO8-4 (mask and hockey stick), Lilic A02 (shoe), CH17 (lipstick), CH6 (candy), Lilic A01 (cupcake), SdP 57 (nail polish bottle and butterfly) and m48(cards), CH27 (headphones), and XXL Big SdP-01(doggy).

Added a few hearts and stars by isolating them from the full size plate images on KD3.

Lastly, added a few random dots and topped with SV.

Hope you had a good weekend...its going to be tough going back after three days off though!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Love it, very unique.
    I live in Ontario too, it's a pointless holiday but atleast we get a long weekend lol.

  2. The middle finger reminds me of Jason from the horror movie, it's because I'm not familiarized with hockey. My favs are the thumb, ring and the pinky nails.

  3. this is really cute! I love the thumb nail the most

  4. beautiful mani! The middle one does look like the mask of Jason.

  5. Bunny Nails and Paulina: I knew everyone would think of Jason first when seeing the mask which is why I mentioned he's a goalie! lol! I think this may be a cool image come Halloween too! (now if only there was a chainsaw image plate!)

  6. THis is crazy good!! I love it! I used to be a mean pinocle player

  7. Trying to track down the image plate with the hockey mask using the info provided here, but having no luck. I want to use it to make a Jason image. Can anyone help me track this down?

  8. 931c+: NailArtDiva products have been for sale off and on at Amazon for a while now. Not all products are always available; sometimes they only have a couple plates and other times, they have more. They used to have a web site which is no longer. I can only suggest you check Amazon on a regular basis and hope there's a listing or see if someone has the plate to swap.

  9. 931c+: This Nail Art Diva plate is for sale on Amazon right now if you are still looking for it!


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