Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Gradient Stamped Tips

It seems I've been doing a lot of full size nail designs lately, so a few nights ago, I thought I'd change it up with something that I hadn't done in a while...this is what I came up with.

Started with two coats of Zoya Mira.

Applied a thin coat of Cover Girl Amethyst Mist. When I'm doing these funky french gradient kind of manis, I have a tendency to apply the layering polishes too thick as in my mind, I think I need two coats or one heavier one for good colour coverage....unfortunately, the end result is that I have really thick tips as there's so many layers of polish on them! But in this case, I was taking the less is more approach. (Blue glitter, cool!)

Added Midie Color 6 on tips. I picked up a bunch of these glitter polishes as the colours and glitter look interesting! I've used two or three of them now and haven't been disappointed, especially for a polish that it on the less expensive side. (Caution...smelly!) Check out this bottle of gorgeousness.

Midie applied over Amethyst Mist.

Stamped using CH26 using Konad light gray special polish.

I decided to add rhinestones so broke out my iridescent ones as I thought the pink/purple/blue/white hues would compliment the other polishes well. Too bad that the prettiness doesn't translate well in the pix though!

Different lighting/different camera settings! While you see the glitter better in the pix below, the above pix is more true to colour.

My stamping nemesis is these type of french tipped designs as I can never line them up well...but I didn't do too bad of a job for once! Yeah me!

Thanks for looking!


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