Tuesday, February 7, 2012

V-Day Mani Using Cheeky Plates

Just a quick mani I came up with so I could try out a couple of the polishes from the OPI Holland Collex as well as the Cheeky plates.

Not your typical Valentine's Day mani! lol! Certainly not a typical mani that I would do either! Base polishes used starting at thumb were Maybelline Zip Fly, Essence Vampire Love Into the Dark, OPI I Have A Herring Problem, OPI I Don't Give a Rotterdam!, and Orly Pixie Dust; all two coats.

Where's all the pretty silver sparkle in Zip Fly? Don't hardly see any on my nails! I think it all stuck to the side of the bottle!

Plates used were CH15 (thumb), CH15 (ring finger), CH29 (adorable couple on index), CH27 (kiss word on index), CH3 (heart on middle), CH16 (heart on index beside kiss) and then Big SdP B on pinky, stamped using Konad white special polish.

A couple pix of the Cheeky plates:

For comparison sake, Cheeky (bottom left) against BM (bottom right) against SdP image (upper design; grapes and leaves); while I haven't measured them, I eyeballed the images and I'd say the full size image is pretty close width wise to the second series of the BundleMonster plates, but not quite the same height, and not even close when compared to SdP, H, A or T series which are larger.

Not the smallest size of images I've seen, but I do wish they were larger like the A, T, H or SdP series. The plates have a paper backing...and are fairly thin and flexible...more than any other plates that I can recall. I'm only guessing this would be a problem if you didn't store them flat. Blue plastic protective covering comes off easily too! Always a plate plus!

I checked on Amazon and these plates are still sold out; if I do hear that they are available again, I'll post the link. Cheeky only ship within USA, which may pose a problem for international gals unless you're like me and willing to drive a distance to pick them up...or have a kind USA gal ship them to you!

Thanks for looking!

Edit: FYI, I've emailed Cheeky to see if/when they will be reselling these plates as I know there is some interest. I've also asked them to consider international shipping for all those stampers outside of USA...or those Canucks who can't drive to US (still can't believe I did that!!)! I'll update once I've heard back!

Edit: Cheeky did reply to my email. They indicated that they should be back in stock in approximatley one month. They will be available through Amazon US, UK, and DE; but unfortunately not Canada.


  1. i love this! i like that you did it in grey and black instead of red and pink!

  2. Beautiful and different ombre Valentine's mani!

  3. The designs on the Cheeky plates are very cute and original. I just found out about these plates through your previous post, so I missed getting the plates ;(

  4. Omg I love this mani I want those plates .....

  5. eeeee cutest plates! Second the color choice praise, way to dodge the expected :)

  6. This is beautiful! I love the colours you've used. :)

  7. Such an awesome mani! I love it!

  8. Those plates are adorable!! I hope they come back in stock soon.

  9. I Love how non traditional this is, but still valentines. I love the ombre effect too. Good job!!

  10. Love that image on your index finger!

  11. Hi! what a nice girl you are. It would nice that you help us to order this plates (cheeky). I'm interested. What must I do?


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