Thursday, October 25, 2018

Finally! Halloween Nails!

I finally have a Halloween mani to share!  I had/have so many fall ideas that I had been doing mani after mani after mani that are more suitable to fall nails but thought I had better get in a Halloween mani or two before I run out of time!  Here's my first Halloween mani; there will be a couple more to come!

Started with a base of China Glaze Sunset Seeker.  I used a base for the sandy polish because a quick test swatch indicated that while I was using the darker of the two Konad orange sandy polishes I have, it still wasn't a dark pumpkin orange so a quick darker base coat with a coat of Konad Sandy orange on top made it darker than the sandy alone and more in line with the base colour I was looking for.  (Hopefully that makes sense lol.)

Stamped lines to mimic pumpkin lines/ridges using Lina 4 Seasons- Summer 02 using MdU 13.

Stamped images from Chez Delaney Halloween 002 using MdU 13.  I love these face images; I think I use them every year at least once!

I thought these were super cute; I even wore them for three days; that was until the faces started to come off which happened as no top coat to keep the textured look.

Thanks for looking!

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