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Indie Expo Canada 2019!!!

A fantastic weekend was had by all nail fanatics at the Indie Expo Canada 2019 over the August 17-18, 2019 weekend!  If you weren't able to attend, you can view this post and live vicariously through me as I *think* I attended almost everything over the course of the weekend!  If you did attend, you can relive the event or maybe see something you didn't notice when you were there; it wouldn't be hard to do as there was so much to see!  

The weekend started off with the 10 am polish making session on Saturday, August 17th.  The event was sponsored by Glitter Unique.  

The session started with Pam Heil, chief creator of Girly Bits, explaining how she got into making polish as well as some of the insight on how she makes it.

All attendees made a polish with a provided formula, although some attendees added their own personal spin on it.  This is the recipe for the polish that all attendees made.

For those who had a vision of what they wanted to create but didn't know how to get there, they were able to  ask the many makers who were in attendance at the session.  There's a lot of polish making experience in this photo!  Left to right in the background: Laura of Fiendish Fancies, Mariah of Great Lakes Lacquer and Cynthia of Alter Ego Products.

After we were instructed on the basics of making polish, we were left to our own devices with all the glitters, pigments and bases and then made two of our own creations.

These are the polishes that I made; I was going for microglitter toppers.

I also attended the 2 pm polish making session as I had some very specific polishes that I was wanting so thought I would be well served on attending both sessions.  These were the polishes I made during the second class.  (FYI, admission covers the one polish everyone makes as well as two of our own creations.  I made a donation to Paint It Forward to 'offset' the other polishes I made, with Pam's knowledge!)

Saturday night was the Meet & Greet Cocktail Reception which was a wonderful time to rub shoulders with those who create all the fabulous products we put on our nails as well to meet that Facebook or Instagram nail pal that you have online but had never met in person!

The event had an advance peek of some items that were available for purchase the next day!

Not only we were able to mingle but each attendee also received a gift bag, which, in my humble opinion, was more than worth the cost of the meet and greet!

Contents of the meet and greet bag!

There was a great selection of food and I was there early enough to be able to take a few pictures before everyone enjoyed it!

My plate; everything was delicious!

Attendees meeting, greeting and eating!

Sunday, August 18th was the main event; the Indie Expo!  VIP's were able to enter at 1 pm.  Well worth the cost, this is the contents of the VIP bag.  I've already worn or used quite a few of these products; watch for updates on the blog!

Shopping, shopping, shopping!

GirlyBits Cosmetics

As you enter the event, you are greeted by the Girly Bits display, proud presenter of Indie Expo Canada.

Bottle shot of Girly Bits O, Cannabis!, Indie Expo Canada event exclusive.

The Misheard Lyrics Collection debuted at the event and is still available here.  

There were lots of small batches prototypes and one of a kinds available; I focused on these when I was shopping and picked up some really great polishes!

Lollipop Posse Lacquer

Links:  Lollipop, Facebook, Instagram

Not only was I official press, I also managed the Lollipop Lacquer booth for the day!  I met a lot of fellow nail fanatics while they were browsing the display!  This was the first year that Lollipop Posse had a display at the expo and hopefully, not the last!

This is Lollipop Posse Lacquer The Best of the Best which was an IEC 2019 LE.

Did you pick one up?

Crystal Knockout

Crystal Knockout was beside me; my daughter kept me company all day at the event while managing the display on behalf of Crystal Knockout, who is from Florida, USA.

The Nail Bazaar

Do you like them shiny or matte?

Ethereal Lacquer

Ethereal Lacquer made its inaugural debut at this year's expo!   

These were one of a kinds and I have to admit, a couple made their way home with me!

UberChic Beauty

The stampaholic in me was super excited to see the UberChic Beauty in attendance!

Well, H-O-L-O there!!

Update:  I purchased a few UberChic plates at the event including UC Wild Luxury:  Cold Blooded; check out the post here!

Zombie Claw Polish

It is always exciting to see new brands attending the expo and we were thrilled to see Zombie Claw Polish there!

Dream of Glitter

Another brand attending for the first time was Dream of Glitter, who hails from (near) Chatham, Ontario! Dream of Glitter not only carries nail polish, but waxes and bath and body products!

Great Lakes Lacquer

Mariah of Great Lakes Lacquer attended this year again, making the trip from Michigan!  Mariah also lent her expertise to the polish making sessions and I'm sure this year, she was glad I didn't ask her to replicate one of her polishes for me!

Some of the gorgeous Great Lakes Lacquer polishes!  Did any of these come home with you?

Hit the Bottle

Hit the Bottle was represented by Therese Vogel of Beautometry .  There were oodles and oodles of stamping polishes as well as many other nail art products!


It was a pleasure to see Jenna of LynBDesigns in attendance this year along with her mom, who helped her at the LynBDesigns display!


Katie of Harlow & Co. represented KBShimmer and unfortunately, when I was going around doing press, she wasn't at the booth; however, I did get some great shots of the display!

Update:  I had purchased KBShimmer The Eh Team at the event, which was an IEC 2019 exclusive.  See my post here!

Paint It Pretty Polish 

Sherri from Paint It Pretty Polish attended the event for the second year!

BeesKnees Lacquer

BeesKnees display had a wide assortment of polish, merch, wax, hand care products, lip balms and more!  Thanks for making the trip to Canada!

Update:  I purchased a few Bees Knees at the event and already used them here!

Flirtin' Cosmetics

Links:  Flirtin'

Easter Mia

Links:  Easter Mia

Cuter Cuticles

Sammy and Mr. Sammy of Cuter Cuticles attended for the third year in a row!  They had a new product, cuticle care cream, at the event which comes in the same great scents as their famous barrier butter; it can also be custom scented as well as unscented for those who want it that way.  In Sammy's words, the cuticle care cream isn't as 'greasy' as the barrier butter as its a water based product and can also be used as a hand or body lotion.  Personally, I'm waiting for it to be available in a larger size with a pump, which Sammy is currently looking into.

Alter Ego Body Care Products

We were pleased to have Cynthia Decker attend all the way from Wisconsin for the third year!  Carrying a side assortment of polishes, soaps and lotions, Cynthia also lent her polish making expertise during the polish making sessions.

Update:  I had purchased a few Alter Ego's at the event and used a couple of them here!

SoGa Artisan Soaperie 

Links:  SoGa, Facebook, Instagram

SoGa Artisan Soaperie has attended each year and their booth smelled so good!  The products look as good as they smell and as a customer, I can say they are amazing as well!

Clionadh Cosmetics

Clionadh Cosmetics is a Canadian cosmetic company located Toronto, Ontario founded by two sisters, Leigh and Maggie Cavanaugh.  100% vegan and cruelty free, they had a some of the prettiest palettes I have seen......they were truly like mini pieces of art!

Rogue Lacquer 

This was the second year that Rogue Lacquer was represented at the expo!  Not only does Rogue Lacquer make some of the prettiest flakies, they also had body butter and oils available!

Psychic Chakra Healing Zone

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take advantage of the free massages being offered at the healing zone but for those who needed a gentle message after carrying their loads of goodies, it was available at the event!  Talk about pampering!

Speakers Panel

Caitlyn Gladney-Hatcher  of Street Ahead Style moderated the speakers panel.  Unfortunately, I couldn't stay to hear the whole discussion as I was manning the Lollipop Posse booth; however, I believe the full discussion was recorded by another press member.  I will update the post if I find a link!


There were also three free workshops on various styles of nail art during the expo!

Jenny of The Dot Couture overseen the fluid art table.

Anita of Intense Polish Therapy overseen the Stamping & Marbling workshop.

Gen of  Vernimage  has all the skill needed for the Freehand Nail art workshop.

Paint It Forward

At part of the Paint It Forward project, there were also many items for silent auction.  This year's proceeds supported Sinai Health Foundation, Marvelle Koffler Breast Centre at Mount Sinai Toronto and Rose of Sharon Services for Young Women Newmarket.  **Edited October 1, 2019:  $668 was raised at IEC 2019 which was split equally between the two charities.

New this year; there were various polishes that you could purchase that the proceeds went to the project, versus having a silent auction for all.  A few of these came home with me too!

Live Entertainment with Jen Knight

Throughout the day, attendees were treated to the fantastic sound of Jen Knight!

As official press, I received these items for review.  Watch the blog for further information!

Even though I was official press and managed the Lollipop Posse Lacquer booth, I did have some time to shop as those who were acting vendors were given time in advance of the event once press coverage was over.  I was also able to take a few minutes here and there to take pictures of the event and finish my shopping.

I didn't think that I had bought that much because it didn't seem like I had that much time to do so between press and the show opening, but I don't think I did too badly!  I've already wore a few of these purchases and will update this post as I continue posting them!

These were my non-polish purchases.

That's a wrap for Indie Expo Canada 2019!  Another fantastic event this year and I'm already saving for next year!  Thanks so much to Pam, Tara and the rest of the GirlyBits Team as well as all the vendors and volunteers for making the event another successful one!  We are honoured to have a world class event here in our own back yard and look forward to many more years of Indie Expo Canada's!

Thanks for looking!

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