Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Digit-al Dozen Does Vintage; Day 2

I took inspiration of newly received plates for Day 2's mani...Mickey Mouse! Mickey has been around for many, many years making him vintage appropriate!

Eeep!  How cute is this?  I think this would be sooo cool on all my nails. There' enough images, and with my nails this length, I could have a something a little different of this strip on each nail so they all look different. Definitely would love to see more plates with images like this!

Started with a base of two coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, topped with SV (no pix as have shown many times before).  

Stamped using black FUN stamping polish using JR-5 and H34.

If I wasn't going for a more traditional look, I would have jazzed this up a bit with some colouring and dots but kept it more on the simple lines for the vintage look.  Topped with SV to finish. 

Here' a closer look at JR 5.  These are a new line of plates offered by My OnLine Shop.

While I didn't use this plate for this mani, this plate too has a lot of Mickey and Minnie images.  This is Vanity Nails Cartoon.

Here's the other ladies Day 2 Digit-al Dozen mani's!

Thanks for looking!


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  2. Love the Mickey Mouse theme and those stamps are completely perfect. I'm glad you didn't add colour to it as I think this is one instance where it looks better without.

  3. You obviously have a crazy amount of stamps, the mickey cartoon strips are amazing!

  4. Absolutely love this mani! :O i want those plates >.<

  5. That little comic strip stamp is amazing! Ahhh... dang it, more plates I must pick up!:P

  6. I love the thumb nail - it's like having a vintage cartoon on there.

  7. So fun!! The stamp on your thumb is unbelievable!!

  8. Of course I love this--I might have to come visit you before my next Disney trip so I can do my nails up right for the occasion. :)

  9. Love it! I think my favorite is the middle finger. Love the outlines are connected!

  10. Perfect mani! What is the plate number of the plate you showed but didn't use? I love the Disney images and I'm having a hard time finding ANY "keep calm" stamps.

    1. I did mention it; it is Vanity Nails Cartoon. The seller is Chocolate Vanity on etsy. HTH!


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