Thursday, February 27, 2014

Smitten Polish To Banish the Winter Blah's Away!*

(No, that's not the polish name, but I think it would be a fantastic polish name, don't you agree? lol!)

How about some nice and bright nails on a terribly cold day?  At least it is in my area...seriously, will winter ever end here in Ontario?  I also know it's not only my's cold in most regions in Canada and large parts of the US....and more!  I mean, we are used to snow but it seriously has been oh, so cold!  Enough!! On top of the cold, we also had heavy flurries go through this morning and there was even a 96 car pile up this morning on a major highway about an hour north of our area.....thank goodness recent reports indicate that everyone is OK.

Started with a base of Smitten Polish A Wedding Dress That Isn't Bright Turquoise.  This is 3 coats topped with HKGirl tc. I guess I spent more time oogling pictures and not reading enough about this polish as I thought it would be more opaque in two coats or otherwise, I would have put some undies on this beauty. But I didn't, so three coats and can still see VNL....not too obvious in real life but obvious in the bright lighting for pix. Still stunning though!  Beautiful shimmer!

I'm not a fan of of VNL on me as I've mentioned many times before, so was looking for a full nail image but with enough space through the stamped portion to let this stunner shine through.  Decided upon MoYou Artist Collection-04 stamped using white Konad special polish.

A closer look at MoYou Artist Collection-04.  (I used the cluster of images at the bottom right corner.)

Decided it needed a pop of colour; added dots using yellow Konad special polish (I purposely left one not dotted on each wasn't like I missed it!  Just for something a little different!)

Topped with SV to finish.

Hope you're having a great week...and staying warm.....thanks for looking!

*corrected typo-thanks to commenter!


  1. That Smitten polish is gorgeous! I like the yellow dots you added too:)

  2. Your stamping looks almost like it's suspended over the blue, so pretty!

  3. Your stamping looks almost like it's suspended over the blue, so pretty!

  4. Love the stamping!! & I can agree with the weather.. ugh! I heard about that pile up too, that's insane!! I guess we live close together, I'm in Mississauga :)

    xo Maddy

  5. Pretty - Banish by the way is spelled with 1 n - not 2

  6. Beautiful, I hope you somehow can charm the sun and summer to overpower winter. I was at home yesterday and we didn't seem to get any of those snow squalls to the east of Toronto (Durham Region) but I saw pictures of the clouds coming across, it was crazy!

  7. WOW I do like that base color-so pretty!

  8. That base is gorgeous and perfect for the stamping :)


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