Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl Mani-Broncos vs. Seahawks

Did you watch the Super Bowl yesterday?  I didn't see too much of it...watched the national anthem (still trying to figure out about opera at the Super Bowl...just didn't seem to fit!), then watched the game until around half time...and a little after half time, but that's about it.  Congrats to the Seahawks fans on your teams win!  I don't really follow football but I did do a mani for the game just because I love to do themed mani's...and it's the only other time I could use some of the images on these plates! Here's what I came up with!

Started with a base of two coats of OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls, topped with SV (no pix as have shown before).  Stamped using A05 ("seahawk"), MJ XXIV original (Bronco, and NFL symbol), MJ XVIII (Go Team and ref) and CH35 (helmet and footfall), using assortment of Mundo de Unas special polishes, Konad black special polish and Kiko 323.  Mundo de Unas 14, which I've used before and stamps navy, stamped more purple this really was meant to be navy!).

A closer look at MJ XXIV....lots of team logo's on it...I only wish they were all available on a plate!

Added assortment of dots in both teams colours.

Topped with SV to finish.

Congrats to Kacy S. who responded about the last giveaway over the weekend and is now the winner...the raffleopter has been updated for anyone who is following!  The Digit-al Dozen is also working on verifying the last mega giveaway so again, please remember to check your emails on a regular basis!  Lastly, I do have another sponsored giveaway planned which should be up by the end of the week!

Thanks for looking!


  1. I didn't watch the Superbowl but I really enjoyed the Bruno Mars perfomance :) Your design looks really amazing ♥

  2. wow~ this nail art is sooo creative!! The image plate is so cool! <3

  3. I love the mani!! I unfortunately watched the Superbowl. I wish I hadn't lol I love that MJXXIV plate especially because it has my teams on it (my team logo pretty much sold me on the whole plate lol). I do wish it had all the teams. I would absolutely buy a plate with all the team logos for the different sports.

  4. Only you would have plates that have these symbols on them! HAHAH! This is perfect!


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