Monday, February 11, 2013

Digit-al Dozen, Love and Heartbreak, Day 1

This month's Digit-al Dozen theme is Love and Heartbreak....I have so many V-Day mani's to post...they are mainly about Love....but there will be some Heartbreak too....this is the first I came up with!

 photo DSC06641_zps0c1453d1.jpg

Started with a base of one coat of Nicole by OPI Positive Energy, with two coats of OPI Red my Fortune Cookie on accent.

 photo DSC06623_zpse7321364.jpg

Stamped with black Konad special polish using Big SdP L.

 photo DSC06626_zpsbcb6ec4c.jpg

Stamped on accent with Nicole by OPI Positive Energy using plate W203.

 photo DSC06629_zps29e4a4df.jpg

While I didn't mind this, wanted something a little different so I did a test stamp on my thumb with a layer of white.  Liked the results so started the other hand and LOOK AT THIS!

 photo Picture407_zps76a1f5af.jpg

Stamped EXACTLY on top of the first image...I mean, I couldn't do that in a million gazillion years if I wanted to on purpose, never mind that I really wanted it offset!  I was amazed I did this...even though it was unintentional!  (Small things amuse me, obviously!!!) 

 photo Picture409_zpsdf9af3ae.jpg

Anyway, I had seen the double stamping had a little bit of potential on my test thumb so stamped the rest of my hand in white, except the thumb, which I added another layer of black for contrast.

 photo DSC06638_zps92599050.jpg

Topped with SV.

 photo DSC06641_zps0c1453d1.jpg

IRL, this was pretty cool and funky; however, it kinda looked like a hot mess in this I was intentionally doing a Jackson Pollack Valentine mani!

Thanks for looking...and here's the other very talented ladies in the group with their Day 1 mani's if you want to take a look!


  1. Beautiful! Love the scrolls! And I love that you took a picture of that first double stamp, you got skillz! :)

  2. Beautiful! Love the scrolls! And I love that you took a picture of that first double stamp, you got skillz! :)

  3. This is just gorgeous, and a perfect example of why you are one of my favorite stampers! You are so one of the big reasons I bought my stamping stuff. :)

  4. Oh wow. I must have that SDp-L plate now.
    How/can I join the Digit-al dozen or is it a closed group? I need a challenge I think.

  5. NailsIT...I don't know how it works for the Digit-al Dozen! I got an invite...

    Do my pix seem all funky to anyone else? Yesterday they seemed OK, now all distorted...I'm guessing some photobucket issues....!


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