Friday, April 8, 2011

So Many Coats of Polish!

I cannot believe that by the time I finished this mani this morning, I had so many coats of polish/basecoat topcoat, on! 10 on most fingers; 11 on the one with the stamp. Started with a quick coat of SH Nail Quencher as I wanted to see if there is any nail improvement using it; then my usual coat of Instant Artificials, then an unbelieveable 4 coats of New York Summer Hot Sky Blue polish-this is so sheer! I would have used underwears had I known! Next time will do nude underwears for sure...then a coat of SH QD in red bottle, then one coat of Revlon Galaxy. Wasn't happy with one coat as some fingers had no hex glitter so second coat just to get a few. Topped with another coat of QD. Here's what it looked like when I was done.
Here's a couple different images. This is four coats the four coats of NYS Hot Sky Blue by itself. It dries kinda matte.

Then added a coat of QD to give a bit of shine.

Two coats of Revlon Galaxy. I really only wanted a little glitter as I planned on stamping it afterwards but didn't get any hex glitter on some nails the first time so had to do a second coat. I'm pretty sure this is when my nails got really thick. Look there-its like I got acrylics!! I had to laugh at myself. Added one last coat of QD and then off to bed.

Thats some serious layerage! LOL!!

This morning, I stamped before heading out the door. I was amazed how much shrinkage I had, given I used the red bottle of SH QD and didn't use SV at all! I've been using SH QD for a few manis now and haven't had any shrinkage so was really surpirsed. Still kinda disappointing when you see this when you wake up. Anyway, quickly did a stamp on accent finger with Nicole by OPI Postive Energy using IP XL F.

I really liked the NYS polish with the jelly finish but would use underwears for sure as I'm not too fond of VNL plus don't have time for four coats of polish for a mani. But all in all, I don't mind the look of it-really like the tealish blue of the polish with the glitter-just wish there wasn't so much shrinkage. Oh well, just an excuse to redo my nails tonight!

Thx for looking!


  1. Wow, that are a lot of coats! But it looks nice! :)

  2. wowza, that's a whole lot of coats :o

    The result is gorgeous :)

  3. Pretty, but yes, too many coats for me. I lose interest by the 3rd coat and can only be coaxed into doing a 4th coat if its something very spectacular.

  4. I'm curious about this Instant Artificials that you were talking about!

    11 coats, wow that's a lot! I find if I have 4 coats I feel like I sit there forever waiting for it to dry.

  5. Thx everyone...this was a lot of coats for sure.

    Breigh: Instant Artificials is a basecoat/strenghtener that mimics a layer of acrylic. I've been using it for a while now...only one coat now as my nails have grown and don't have peelies but was doing a couple coats when I started as my nails were in really bad shape, had no length, had peelies and kept on breaking! It seems to be working OK for me! Hope this helps!


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