Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Some Random Images!

So I was going thru my stash last night trying to find some specific image plates for SarahLouise over at Spellbinding Nails...as I commented to her on her last mani that a car and ant plate exist....and as I was going thru them, I seen these images and thought they were cute and would go together, so decided to put them together for a mani.

Base is OPI on Collins Ave. Stamping polishes are Konad special white and black and Nicole by OPI Positive Energy. (As a side note, I got looking at the bottle the day I did my Earth Day mani on the weekend, and noticed it was about a quarter gone as its my go-to stamping silver. As I was holding it, I got to thinking, man, this the is the most I've ever used a polish.....I don't want to run out.....then dropped it! Thank goodness for carpeting or it would have broke but silver splatters on the carpet, my socks, walls, etc etc. I already went and bought a backup as I really like it for stamping and don't want to risk running out. I just thought how ironic is it that I'm thinking about it being all used up..and then drop it and polish pours out using even more!!)

Anyhoo, used Konad S9 and fauxnads m20, m57, m60 and p49. I think the little gal on the pinky is super cute...already have a mani planned again for future using her!

Here's OPI on Collins Ave by itself.

Thanks for looking!


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