Friday, April 15, 2011

Here Comes the Sun!

Here's the sun!

This is two coats of OPI Guy Meets Galveston, topped with one coat of Ozotic Pro 621, stamped with CND Gold Chrome, fauxnad IP T03.

A few pix in different lighting in different stages of the mani. The holo has so many different faces to it, plus it was difficult to capture the stamping in all lighting, so I apologize now for picture overload! This is artifical lighting with the Ozotic Pro on top; this pix you can see the gold shimmer peeking thru. You may notice that in some of the pix, the holo is not bright red as you may have seen on other images in the blogeshere. I only used one coat of the Ozotic Pro in my desperate attempt to conserve as I may never seen another red holo again and need to make this baby last!

This Ozotic polish came direct from Australia...a very long awaited and much anticipated swap! The picture below, again artifical light, you can see blue shimmer undertones better.

A couple more pix of with the stamping.

Overcast conditions to show stamping...but sparkles in the holo are still evident. (btw, I'm holding OPI Coral Reef, not the Ozotic Pro...just to be what was handy when I took pix!)

Here's two coats of OPI Guy Meets Galveston. A jelly again, but better coverage than the New York Summers I've been wearing recently. Still can see a little bit of VLN but nothing too serious and I knew I was topping it with the holo so left at two coats.

I'm so happy today is sunny (cold, but sunny!) cause all I can do is stare at my nails! I love holo's! I hope you're seeing some sun where you are! I'm certainly going to enjoy it today even though its chilly, as its calling for rain all weekend!

Have a good one and thanks for looking!


  1. absolutely stunning!...this is just wow! i love it!


  2. I'm in love! Another Ozotic Pro to add to my wishlist. I love the stamping too! :)


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