Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I Thought I Had Another Unintentional Easter Mani On My Hands!

For some reason, I got to thinking I haven't worn pink in a while. Sitting on my nail table was a recently obtained bottle of Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter and I sorted thru my stash to come up with a pink that was untried. Decided upon Deborah Lippmann My Romance.
This is what the two of them look like together:
This is when it struck me that I had created yet another unintentional Easter mani! I actually really like these two polishes together and this look would be great for Easter, or Spring or super cute for my dear daughter to wear (although she seems mainly to be into black or red...not girly girl nails like this!) While I can't wait to do some Easter stamping, its too early for me, so had to come up with a way to turn this unintentional Easter mani around! Low and behold, again, sitting on my nail desk was my newly acquired image plates from Shirley-had just taken the plastic coating off the last one a day ago-so decided upon the My Little Pony plate (SdP B-14) with stars (SdB B-18). Stamped with Konad black special polish.


I really like the look of these stars and could easily see myself doing this mani again and again with all five fingers with just the stars...or other endless combinations as these stars rock!

And here's My Romance all by itself. This was three coats and still can see some VNL...but very pretty none the less.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Hey hunny!...i love this!Its so cute!!!

    how are you finding shirleys plates?? ..i keep finding mixed reviews..=-//


  2. Hey you...I was just on your blog commenting on your last mani!

    Shirley's plates: I'm in the process of swatching them. It took me a while to figure out how to get the plastic coating off easily and finally got a knack to it on plate 20 - no joking. I should post about it as it made such as difference. But finally got the film off the last plate Monday afternoon when home from work with my sick son.

    Anyway, I've done some swatching and have found that most stamp amazingly. Case in point-those stars! how they look! But a few images don't stamp as in point, My Little Pony. This was my 5th attempt at stamping it and this was the best I could come up with. I'm not sure if this is how it is to look as sometimes, I just get a big blob of polish with no features at all. I've tried using Essence stamping polish, Konad special polish, regular polish, Beautiful Scratchers polish, letting it dry a bit, double stamping it, etc etc etc. MLP was the very first plate I tried (honestly) as it was one of my most anticipated plates but I think the groove is too deep causing a well of polish and then the polish blobs when its stamped. I already contacted Shirley as soon as I tried it and mentioned this and had told her I'm in the midst of trying the rest of the plates cause I want to make sure the images I'm really looking forward to stamp well, including MLP.

    I've only had a couple plates so far not work well and by far, the good images are better than the bad and I am so glad I ordered them! The images have some rough edges which create fibres on the plates from the cotton pad (and I tried using felt and it did the same) which is a pain for cleaning but nothing I can't work around.

    Any of the images that are lightly etched stamp really really well and again, they are amazing. There are a few that the etching is too faint but for the most part, they were images I didn't care so much about so not worrying about. One of the Winnie the Pooh and Piglet image has no eyes on Pooh(!!)on either image (its an image that is reversed and therefore, two exist on the plate) and that kinda freaks me out! but could be easily corrected with some dots.

    I think all in all the set is still worth it and there are really some amazing designs and Shirley should be given credit for this. I also think, as I mentioned in another post, that its pretty good value for the money as you get so many images on a plate, not the standard 7 that Konad, BM etc offers. I think some of the designs are a little ambitious and too detailed for stamping and it kinda gets lost in the stamp as a result as the details aren't fine but all bunched together kinda blobbing the design if you know what I'm talking about. Some of the images could be larger/some smaller. Then there's the problem with the too deep etching. Or maybe my stamping needs some work, who knows! But I think she probably knows all this and will correct next time around. I would love to offer her some suggestions if she'd be open to it, some minor changes or suggestions to some of the existing designs, but then again, they are her creations/her designs and maybe she's not too keen on it.

    I actually haven't seen too many comments on her plates to be honest so would be interested to know what others are saying or if it would be along the same lines of what I've found.

    At the end of the day, if she released another set, I'd be the first in line to sign up and buy them, as, even with the few issues here and there, they still are super fantastic plates and some really unique and cool designs that otherwise, we stampers wouldn't have. Just a few little bugs to work out, thats all. But I think for her first set of plates, she's to be commended!

  3. Thanks for this..Ive so far the only read reviews on these plates from : charming nails and Konad-licious!|en

    I think ill order 4 of the plates to help me debate them. But i love this post and your response

    /Hugs to you as always hunny! xxx

  4. Sarahlouise: Thx for the links.

    I can say I have swatched the same plate as konadlicious with the vines and leaves and got similar results...maybe I got slightly better defintion than her results but it 'could' be better and has such potential! Same with charmingnails and the leaf pattern-but her's look better. And I seen charmingnails got an excellent My Little Pony stamped image so I guess I just need a better plate and am looking forward to getting one as her MLP image rocks!!! The difference between my image and her's is night and day and I so want this plate to work as it was one of my most anticipated plates!

    I still found that most of the images worked well seems off just on the ones that the etching is a little too deep which is the case in these three images. I haven't swatched them all yet but so far, again, there's definately more good images than poor.

  5. oh this so beautiful! i love the pink glitter and i love the stamping image!!

  6. This is so cute! I love the star all over nail design! Definitely haven't seen one like the before. Thanks for such a detailed comment above too.

  7. OMG, how adorable. Where in the world do you get these plates? I know you sent me an email but I think I accidentally deleted it! WOOPSIES!

  8. Cherish: Just messaged you with the info!


  9. The is such a pretty mani, the stamping is unnecessary it looks wayy gorgeous by itself. (:


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