Saturday, April 30, 2011

Trying Out the Bundle Monster Plates

The new Bundle Monster plates arrived this week ((yeah!!!!)) and I spent a bit of time playing with them last night. I knew my next mani was going to be using them; didn't know for sure which image....but knew I did want to use them. Then I spent a bit of time this morning catching up on blog reader; seen some other postings in the blogesphere with the new plates and *tried* to pick out a plate that hadn't been posted so that anyone looking for what they looked like had a new one to see. The one I decided to use was BM205.

Stamping polish is Konad special white and then used each of the polishes on the other for dots with dotting tool.

For the base polishes, I decided upon a couple from the new OPI Pirates of the Carribean collex....Planks A Lot, the purple, and Sparrow Me The Drama, the pink. Here they are before stamping.

I'm sure if you have the BM plates, you've been trying them out too....its always so exciting getting new plates! and if you ordered them...hopefully they will be on your doorstep any time now so you can start having fun with them! If you haven't ordered them, you'll be pleased to know that they stamp well, clean crisp images, the blue plastic film is a breeze to remove, and overall, you can't beat the price as they are less than $1 a plate! They are truly a great place to start if you have never stamped before as you really can't beat the price!

Hope you're having a great weekend! Thanks for looking!


  1. Very nice for spring! :) Your stamping is so nice too, I really need more practice!

  2. i absolutely love this!

    It looks awesome and i love the choice of polishes hunny =)


  3. I tagged you for an award on my blog sweetie x i Tagged your blog because i love it =)

  4. aw that is so cute! great idea :)

  5. i really like this flower design and cant wait to see more images from the new plates :)

    shel xx

  6. Love this! The dots really add a nice touch.

  7. I love it :)

    I know Sarah tagged you too (saw that a bit too late ;) but I tagged you too you deserve it :)

    I tagged you for a Kreativ Blogger award.

  8. Ohhh can't wait to try out my bundle monster plates too! so excited!

  9. I know your blog now, and iam going to follow you, your nails are so pretty!How you do it?
    I love painting my nails every day I carry a different color, but your nails are so special:O
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    I follow you now,
    When you can,visit my blog and if you like, follow me!
    Kisses from:

  10. Really sweet mani! I want to get these plates and live in Canada too! How did you get them shipped here? Did you use Amazon? Was shipping expensive?


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