Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Skittles!

After a bit of indecisiveness, I finally decided on an Easter mani. Unfortunately, my stamping went south and I was too tired and it was too late to redo, so unfortunately it turned out all crooked looking! Just another excuse to do my nails again tonight!

Used Konad black special polish; fauxnad IP's T21, HB38 and SdP B-05.

Here's skittles before stamping.

Starting at thumb, left to right: Generation Baby Blue, Orly Lemonade, Orly Cashmere Cardigan, Orly Polo Princess and Orly Gumdrop.

Are you planning on an Easter mani? I've certainly seen some very cool Easter mani's out there in the blogesphere! It always amazes me what creative talent so many of you have!!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Love the skittles! I'm not sure what I'm doing nail-wise for Easter.

  2. I love this!

    what plate gave you the basket and eggs! - i love it!


  3. Sarahlouise: The basket is T21 (chez or nail art end mehr).

    Karen: I'm looking forward to your Easter mani...maybe some stamping? And glad you'll be able to get Locavore!

  4. Thank you for the fast response =)

    As soon as i posted my question i looked through my unused plates - and found the plate lol =-/

    HB48 Inst that the dog plate ? - or have i lost it (Im still really ill - lol thats my excuse)

    /hugs - hope your well xx

  5. This looks really awesome =).

    Can you please send me a mail on dolores dot zimer at gmail dot com. I have a question and a preposition for you =)

  6. Sarahlouise: are right, its HB38; I had HB48 sitting on my table still and I guess I jotted down that number in least thats my story and I'm sticking to it! If you seen the table I do my nails on, you'd understand...cause I probably have 25 nail plates on it right now kinda planning upcoming manis!

    Thx again!

  7. Adorable! I love the pastel colors ;)

  8. I still can't decide what kind of mani I'll do for easter, but it will probably involve some bunnies. Love your manicure though, so cute!

  9. lol =) its a bit like my table then..I need a storage device =-//



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