Tuesday, April 5, 2011

An Unintentional Easter Mani

Just a quick post of Zoya Caitlyn, stamped with China Glaze IDK.

Zoya Caitlyn isn't this bright or purple...these two pictures were taken with flash just to get a good image of the holo in the IDK as no sunshine here today.

Used one of Shirley's Image plates again...these plates have some really cool designs and are pretty good value for the money as they have so many designs on them versus the typical 7 designs or so with Konad and other plates. These images are IP SdP-B04 and XL B.

Here's the stamping in artificial light...you see the stamping a little better but the holo doesn't show up as well. This pix is also closer to the true colour of Caitlyn but still not 100% accurate.

When I finished the stamping, my first thought was I unintentionally did an Easter mani...kinda looks like decorated Easter eggs!

Here's Zoya Caitlyn all by herself.

Thx for looking!


  1. Love your unintentional easter eggs! The stamping is so subtle, and Caitlin is just <3

  2. Interesting nail art :)

  3. cute holo stamping and love Caitlin

  4. Oh I like this a lot! :) I can't wait to get Caitlin. :)

  5. Ooh, nice combination! If I ever get time to stamp, I might have to copy this (the polishes, I don't have those plates).


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