Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Easter Bunny Skittles!

This is a spin on my last mani...instead of skittle fingers, I did skittle bunnies!

It started with just a couple bunnies, but you know...they quickly multiplied! Here's base of two coats of Nubar Cloud White, topped with one coat of Nubar Opulent Pearl as I wanted a hint of pastel in the background.

Used fauxnad IP SdP B-05 and Konad special/princess polishes in yellow, apple green, metallic pink, chic blue, pastel blue and sky pearl.

Last but not least, a final plea for a thumb up for my mani in the Bundle Monster giveaway, voting which ends tomorrow.

You can give my mani a thumbs up here.... and please take a few minutes to also give a thumbs to any other mani you may be liking as this is the spirit of the giveaway. Voting ends tomorrow...and good luck to all!

Thanks for looking!


  1. OMG this looks so cute! I love rabbits. <3

  2. Ha, this is so cute!!! I'm thinking I'm gonna do another easter mani tonight.

  3. "here comes peter cotton tail....hopping down the bunny trail..." sorry, couldn't resist. Very cute

  4. This makes me smile to see it--very cute!

  5. So cute - and they actually look like they're hopping!


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