Saturday, April 23, 2011

Earth Day Mani...

Better late than never...I guess! I had every intention of posting this yesterday, but got busy with the family and was busy again today getting ready for the Easter Bunny visit in the morning and just never had a chance before now!

Stamping polish was Nicole by OPI Positive Energy, using Konad M79 and fauxnads A02, m27, T46, SdP A-11 and SdP A-17.

In the spirit of the day, decided to use the Nubar Going Green collex...used all but one of them. These aren't the best swatches as I was in a hurry.

Left to right starting at thumb: Nubar Reclaim, Earth, Forest, Conserve, and Greener. Seriously, if you love holos, you need to get Reclaim in your collex! I mean...a green holo! I can't believe I haven't swatched it before now! These pix were taken in artificial light but the holo was very obvious in the sun when I was out and about town today.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Another stunning mani from you hunny! I love this mani - How do I not have reclaim in my collection(I need to add this to my wish list immediately!) =-/


  2. Verrrrry cute! I really love that solar system stamp. I'll have to look into that one!


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