Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ode to A Beautiful Day!

What beautiful weather we had today! I woke up to the sound of birds singing in the tree outside by bedroom window, it was sunny, beautiful and bright and to top it off, I seen my first robin of the year when I walked out the front door!
The beautiful spring weather was the inspiration of this mani; wanted bright and fun and it to scream: SPRING IS FINALLY HERE!!!!
Two coats of Paints Chrysanthe-Mum's The Word stamped using IP XL F, and Konad m57, using Konad special polishes in psyche pink and white.

Here's mani in progress: FingerPaint Chrysanthe-Mum's The Word by itself.

Then the stamping.

I was going to leave it at this but decided to try my hand at dotting....haven't done a whole lot and kudos to anyone who does manis with a lot of dots as its not as easy as it looks! At least, it wasn't for me!!

I hope you are having a fantastic weekend and are seeing some nice weather like me!

Thanks for looking!


  1. This is so so adorable. I looooooove it. I wish I had your patience!

  2. For someone who has not done a whole lot of dotting, you did an awesome job!

    This mani makes me smile even though it's pretty grey this morning.

  3. This is such a fun mani! Love the colors.

  4. The dots really made it pop! This is a fun one! I like how the fishnet stamp looks sort of like a chain link fence.

  5. Very bright and spring-y! We had summer weather yesterday but that was a one day only special event, evidently, as it's much cooler and greyer today.

  6. I love the pretty green color. Cute mani!


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