Thursday, April 28, 2011

Royal Wedding Inspired Mani...

With the Royal Wedding just hours away now, I decided to do a Royal Wedding mani cause I'm a theme kinda nail gal!

Here's what I came up with.

Used a base of China Glaze White out and to add a little bit more sparkly pizazz, one coat of Arezia #645, which is lightly mango scented.

Stamped using Konad special polishes in red, black, green and violet pearl, CND Gold Chrome and Nicole by OPI Positive Energy.

And because I had a few other images I couldn't fit on one hand, I decided to do my right ***warning*** messy cleanup and scraggly cuticles ahead!

Used fauxnad plates T04, T22, T46, BM08, BM09, C02, H17, P19, MW59, MW63, fauxnad C, fauxnad D and K06.

Here's the basecoat before stamping.

And just to share, the stamping image plate had three different brides and grooms on it; you can see the one I chose for the mani....which had something to do with this 'cause I was a little partial to the image...

Wayyyyy back when I got married, this was the theme of wedding invites, napkins, favour tags, wedding programs, etc etc.

I haven't decided if I'm going to get up early and watch the Royal Wedding...probably will as I still remember setting my alarm for the middle of the night when Charles and Diana got married all those years ago. I'm not a Royal watcher or fanatic or anything, but it is a historical event so I'm sure I'll be up...all bleary eyed, but up!

Thanks for looking!


  1. awww... you got married on my birthday :) well, my 10th birthday but still a nice date ;)

  2. Very nice =) I like to see a theme on my favourite topic of the year. I love the champagne glasses, going to look out for them to purchase. Being English I shall be up early to start watching, but the dedication to watch it in the middle of the night, I am impressed =)

  3. incredable. lovely, amazing, espetacular, i loved, i loved, i loved.

  4. how does the design on the napkin look exactly the same on the nail??

  5. oh my god! i really like the manis!
    love the right hand too!

  6. Up watching the start of the wedding....guests just arriving....

    Silence is Loud: The wedding couple on the napkin is the same as the wedding couple on the thumb nail!

    BTW: My Bundle Monster plates arrived last to decide which to use first!!

  7. wow great mani always...

    btw, where did u purchase ur MW plates?

  8. ThRiszha: Thx! I got the MW plates at a beauty supply store in my area about a year ago. I've had several requests for them so I'm going to go back soon to see if they still have them....

    Thx to our swap, I had the double rings to use for this mani, so thx!! LOL!

  9. Love love it <3 and love all your fauxned plates.

  10. I have given you the Kreative Blogger award.

  11. this is a really good mani where do you get your plates?

    shel xx

  12. Thx everyone for your comments!

    Shel: I've gotten a lot of plates from all over; a lot from chez delaney and nailart und mehr (in addition to the readily available Konad plates), Bundle Monster but have swapped for some, bought others off ebay, got some at Magnonails, others at HB Nails, bought from Shirley, the blogger who designed a line of her own plates, found some in nail supply plates where I live, etc. If they are readily available, I've tried to posted a link to whom I bought them from...some I've had a couple years tho (like the wedding images and the horse and buggy; which I bought from a store where I live) and I don't think they are that readily available! Hopefully this helps!


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