Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Yep, I Entered the BM Contest...

Did you?

I'm beyond excited that Bundle Monster is coming out with new image've probably seen the posts around the blogesphere that new plates will be available at the end of the month. The sneak peaks that Bundle Monster has been releasing sure looks like some great images will be with larger designs for those with longer or larger nails.

Here's the pix I entered, using IP BM 20.

To give my entry a thumbs up, please click here!

While I'd be especially happy and appreciative if you'd like my entry and give me a thumbs up, please feel free to like your favourites!! That's what the contest is all about!!

Another pix taken this afternoon in the brief sun we had. Used GOSH Holographic for stamping. First time ever cracking this baby open!! Will deninately have to use this for a mani soon!

This pix shows the stamping a little better in the overcast light.

Last but not least, here's the base I used, New York Summer Hot Purple by itself...this is one serious purple jelly! Unfortunately, it does photograph on the navy blue side, but purple it is. This is four (!!) coats.

Thanks in advance and good luck if you entered in the contest too! It sure was generous of Bundle Monster to have 25 sets of these for the contest!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Ohh lovely stars!
    Where did you get the Gosh Holographic? I've search in all the pharmacies here in Montreal and never found it! I even emailed the company to ask if they had it in Canada but no answers :(. Did you swap it or get it on ebay??

  2. Sophie: I know its odd that Shoppers Drug Mart in Canada, that sells most other GOSH colours, never had holographic! But I've never seen it at any that I've been in ever.

    I bought holographic off ebay a couple years ago from ebay UK...wasn't too expensive way back then. You could also try swapping for it as I've been offered it several times; but I'd do it soon if you can as I do seem to recall reading that it has been discontinued! Good luck...hopefully you will be able to get a bottle!!

  3. Gorgeous! Where do you buy New York Summer polishes? I MUST have that purple! :)

  4. Thx Michelle! I got a bunch of New York Summers at the beauty supply place that time forgot...also found China Glaze Jumpin Jupiter and Sunburst there too! Not sure where you are, but I believe Transdesign, an etailer, sells them.

  5. Thanks so much! Transdesign does sell them! :)

  6. Wow, the Gosh polish stamps so so well :) Good luck with the contest, I also entered!


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