Thursday, November 22, 2012

Blogger Frustration and Local Polish Finds

This isn't the actual post I had planned for today. But Blogger won't let me upload any more pix as it says I've reached my 1 GB capacity. Which is fine. I accept that as I know I tend to upload and post a lot of pix.   But for some strange reason, it won't let me upgrade to larger capacity even if I have to pay for it. Everything goes fine and when I hit Continue to Checkout and it ends.  Nothing!! I've tried for several days now. And did you know if you call Google, they have no live customer support to help? WTH? I called the local office in Toronto as well as their headquarters.  Maybe when I get those Google telemarketing calls that I've been spammed with at home and work with lately, I should stay on the line and ask if there's someone who can help me versus my usual hang up.   I've researched this enough that I know I can upload my pix to Photobucket and then copy them to blogger with a HTML code, but its more uploading plus more time....which I don't have a lot of to begin with...or I'd be posting more! Plus I seem to think PB has upload I've posted on one of those Google forums to try to get some answers but until then, or I figure out how to resolve, I'll be posting whatever I have loaded in drafts. *end rant*

In the meanwhile, if anyone has had to upgrade their pix capacity and done it successfully, please let me know how!!!

Anyhoooooo, over the last two weekends, I've visited a few Winners in my area.  OK, maybe more than a few and maybe more than those in my area! Winners has awesome selection of polishes this time of year and usually up until around Christmas based upon the last couple years of shopping there; then it dwindles down around the new year and is pretty much a drought until the next holiday season. But I did manage to snag some cool polishes during the past couple weeks.

Winners has Butter London?  Who knew?  I seen BL at several stores at $12.99 and passed even though that's around $5 lower than The Bay and Holt Renfrew who sell BL in our area.  There were only a couple colours and this one, which I didn't even jot down, just seemed too familiar to others I already had.

But when I came across one location that had it priced at $5.99, it was too good of a deal to pass up!

Sation.  Not a brand too readily available in my local area.  Jessica's on Orfus Road is now selling Sation but for around $7 if memory serves me right.  These were $3.99.

I was really surprised to find this sought after Calvin Klein polish at one location.  I only seen the one bottle; if I had have seen more I could have picked it up for a few gals who are on the look for it!  (I've already done a mani with it and it's gorgeous!  If only I could upload the pix.....)

The Zoya Gloss collex that I had originally passed on when they were first released.  Zoya retails for around $8.99 here and I didn't think I'd use them enough to justify the money.  But when the box set of 3 was found at one location for $16.99, it was like buy 2, get 1 free so I couldn't resist!  Funny enough, these were the only Zoya's I seen during my travels and only at the one location.

A few more Nubars.  These two colours scream Christmas to me!

A couple more Calvin Klein topcoats.

I actually thought I had OPI Black Cherry Chutney so passed when I originally came across it.  But I went home and checked my stash and turns out, I didn't have it so went back to the store the next day and picked it up.  This again was only found at one location in my travels and I only seen the one bottle. 

A few random Jessica's. Not quite sure why I bought these in hindsight as I'm sure I already have something like them in my stash.....

I've also seen a lot of the Color Club boxes sets at almost every location I visited...but no Halo Hues!  I wonder if they will ever be available in the box sets?  Other finds that I didn't get for one reason or another were the China Glaze Joy Collection, a few random Orly's, the newish Ruby Wing colour changing polishes, a few random Essie's, and quite a few different Barielle boxed sets including the holiday one (I seem to recall that I did pick up a few different boxed sets of these too!).  That's the thing about Winners; it's usually random what they have in stock and selection varies from one location to the other; which is why I visited quite a few more than my general area!

Thanks for looking! 


  1. Pretty polishes can't wait to see them on your nails.

  2. Pretty polishes can't wait to see them on your nails.

  3. Everyone is having this problem with Blogger this week! LOL You are the 3rd person who has had it. Anyway, if you upgrade/link your account with Google+ they will allow you to upload unlimited photos up to 2048x2048, so you may want to try that!

    Hope that works and look forward to seeing more posts from you soon! :)

  4. I am having the same blogger issue but I don't think I want to pay for anything..

    maybe I will try linking to my Google+ account..

    Ugh blogger y u so frustrating!

    1. My picture issue seems to be resolved! Hopefully yours will be too!

  5. Thx Elizabeth. I tried earlier today after I realized there's a lot of bloggers having this issue but it still didn't work; I'll try again. In meanwhile, did some uploading with PB but it just seems like soooo much more work double uploading.

  6. I just tried again and it seems that its now working!

  7. That was short lived. It let me do one pix and then said reached capacity again. Boo.

  8. wow! what a deal on the BL nice haul!
    another way that google wants to control us and what we use...i dont want to link my account to google + yuck!


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