Friday, November 9, 2012

Snow White for Poisonous Challenge

I just realized that I've never posted this!  I did this mani for FB Adventures in Stamping when the challenge was poisonous some time ago. This is what I had posted for the challenge.

You remember Snow White? Her wicked step mother, the Queen, was beautiful but evil. She asked her magic mirror, "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?". The mirror always said the Queen until one day, it said Snow White. The Queen was furious, and ordered her huntsman to kill Snow White. He took her to the forest but could not kill her. She was found by the 7 Dwarfs and she went to live with them. One day, the Queen again asked her mirror who was the fairest of them all and the mirror again answered Snow White. The queen discovered Snow White was living in the forest so turned herself into an old hag and knocked on the door of the cottage in the woods. Snow White answered; the Queen asked Snow White if she would like to buy an apple. Snow White couldn't resist but the apples were POISONOUS! She took a bite and then fell into a deep sleep. Many years later, a young Prince came across Snow White, kissed her and the spell from the POISONOUS apple was broken! And they lived Happily Ever After in the Prince's Castle!


Started with a base of OPI Bride's Bouquet (no pix as I've shared many times before...its just your basic white!) with Finger Paints Black Expressionism on thumb to accent. 

Stamped using assortment of white Konad stamping polishes using  SdP 38 (evil Queen), fauxnad D (couple kissing), SdP 30 (Snow White), SdP 71 (castle), SdP XXL2 (apple), SdP 27 (mirror).

Added a few more images that were QA 18 (bitten apples and small heart above couple), SdP 29 (spider), fauxnad H27 (fireworks) and fauxnad H47 (bird above Snow White).

Added a few dots for interest.

Topped with SV. 

Another fauxnad image plate that has a few Snow White images just arrived; however, its untried as of yet.  I ordered from same eBay seller as noted on the pix and you can check it out here! 

Thanks for looking!



  1. Beautiful!!

    I love it!!:)

  2. OMG i just don't know how you come up with such awesome manis!!! This must take you hours and hours to do!!! I love it and am quite a bit jealous of your talent!

  3. Love Snow White and love this mani!


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