Monday, November 19, 2012

Two all beef patties, special sauce.....

lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions, on a sesame seed bun! 

Anyone else remember that jingle? 

It was ironic that I ended up at McDonalds the night when I wearing this mani.  It wasn't intentional but after working late one night, I stopped in at McD's for something to eat just because it was late and it's the only fast food place near my work without driving for blocks and blocks and this happened to be on my nails.  It caught the attention of the drive thru gal who thought it was very cool!

Started with a base of OPI Bride's Bouquet with accent of Sally Hansen Hearts on Fire, all two coats (no pix as have shown both before).   Then stamped using MJ V (McD on middle and coffee on index), MJ VIII (drink on pinky), CH41 (burger and fries), HB44 (ice cream) and QA1 (smile).  Stamping polishes used were Konad red and black special polishes and yellow is FUN Mango Shake.

Added a few white and yellow dots as well as took a little brush and coloured in a bit of the condiments on the burger for lettuce, tomato and cheese!

Are you lovin' it?  Lol.....!

Thanks for looking!


  1. Very cute! The drive tru girl must have thought you were a big fan of McDonalds food :-D

  2. Very cute! The drive tru girl must have thought you were a big fan of McDonalds food :-D

  3. Bunny: The funny thing is that I even commented to the gal that I HONESTLY do not eat here THAT often!

  4. Haha my parents always sing that jingle too me..sadly I'm too young to remember it.

    But I love the manicure.

  5. thx for making me feel old, Elizabeth! (j/k)! BTW, after I posted on your blog yesterday it was too early for me to do Christmas nails...I did them myself last night after the family put up the outside lights and decorations!

    1. Haha! My sister and I are slightly Christmas obsessed although my nails are my only outlet since my mom won't let me decorate until December :(

  6. M Loving it ! ta-da-pa-pup-padaaa! Mc D shud give u free burgers for this!! :D

  7. Ow wow I love your McD mani! I want a Big Mac right now! haha


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