Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

....we've had rain since last Friday as a result of Hurricane Sandy and I've had enough!   But I thought it would be a good time to use some new plates and polishes and turn them into a little rain themed mani!

Started with a base of two coats of Essie Where's my Chauffeur?  This is from the Essie 2012 Winter collex.  The pix below does not have topcoat.

Added a coat of Elevation Polish Catch a Wave, then topped with SV.


Loving this polish!! Do you notice the round glitters?  Click on the images for a better look.  I chose this polish as part of the rain theme as the round glitters represented water droplets (well, in my head anyway!), not to mention the water reference in the name. 

Bottle pix.

Elevation Polish is available via Big Cartel and the shop opens on the 7th and 22nd of the month.  I was able to snag this awesome polish on eBay for $12, which I thought was a pretty good price considering sometimes the eBay auctions for some of the polishes get pretty high!  But this obviously was an unknown gem and I lucked out! 

Did some rain-themed stamping using new plates received from Nailways.  All images used are from Snowwhite-Weather Forecast, using black Konad special polish, except the umbrella on the thumb, which is Apipila 03.

A couple pix of the packaging as received from Nailways.

Information regarding where to order Nailways has been updated in my 'Where I Get My Stuff' tab on the home page.

Topped with a coat of SV to finish (first pix shown).

As much as I'm griping about the rain during the past week, I can only stress that we were relatively unscathed by Hurricane Sandy while many were not as fortunate.  While we've had rain for days, the night the storm hit, the rain was hard and the winds fierce; we had some light flickering but our hydro stayed on and there was no flooding or substantial property damage.  Unfortunately, many other areas were horrifically affected.  My thoughts are with you if you are in an area ravaged by Hurricane Sandy. 

Thanks for looking!


  1. I am in serious envy of the plate collection you have!!
    As usual fantastic mani!

  2. Love the manicure and I more rain!! :( Definitely sick of it!

  3. super pretty *_*

    follow me @instagram, facebook, youtube, gfc and bloglovin (?) .. will return! <3

  4. very pretty! :) love your mani!

  5. i LOVE Elevation Polish! This is such a gorgeous mani!


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