Monday, November 5, 2012

Stamping Over Glitter Challenge

This weeks FB Adventures in Stamping Challenge was stamping over glitter.  While I could probably pick almost any mani I have in archives because it seems like I'm doing a lot of this type of mani's recently, I decided to do something new as well as do a comparison of Lynnderella She Lived in a Swamp old and new formula.  This is what I came up with.

Started with a base coat of two coats of OPI Don't Talk Bach to Me.  This pix has no tc.

Bottle shots of old and new bottles of Lynnderella She Lived in a Swamp.  First up is the older version.

Bottle pix below is the new formula version.

Side by side.

Added the older version on middle, pinky and thumb.  While I can't say if its because my bottle is older and needs thinned or if this is how it was originally formulated, it did seem that there was a lot more glitter that came out on the brush with the older version.  Of the two, I prefer the newer version simply because I like the smattering of glitter versus the glitter bomb...but again, not sure if its how it was formulated or if in fact my older bottle needs thinning which could be!  The bottle pix of the new formula showed a lot of bar glitter and what seems to be a lot of holographic glitter, but on the nail, I wouldn't say any more bar glitter was applied than the older version.

Added newer forumla on index and ring finger.  Not as much glitter, which I personally preferred.  I did not do a close inspection/comparison to see if the glitter type/size/colour, etc. is significantly different as I'm simply not that well versed in these type of things!  I just love the polish, not what's in it!

Added a coat of Gelous and then SV.

Waited about 10 minutes before stamping, then stamped with Sally Hansen Instadri Jumpin' Jade using SdP 72.

Topped with SV.

Another pix of finished mani with my phone camera as it seems to be a little sharper in focus.

I really liked this combination; in fact, I think it was on my nails for 5 days which doesn't happen all too often!  Around that anyway.  It also wore like iron; had no chipping at all when I took it off.  I really wanted to mattify it just to see how it looked, but forgot.  Another time I'm sure!

Hope you had a fantastic weekend...and thanks for looking!


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