Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lest We Forget

This is the mani I did for Remembrance Day this year.

Started with a base of two coats of L'oreal Greycian Goddess, no topcoat.

Added a layer of Lynnderella 50 Shades of Maybe on all fingers but accent, then added coat of SV.

Stamped accent poppies using Konad red special polish using Big SdP E.

Added stamping from MJ V on rest of fingers using black Konad special polish then topped with SV.

I picked up this pin a couple days ago at a display at the local mall at a display where the local Legion was selling poppies and other items; its smaller than a traditional pin poppy; I only wish it was the same size as the more traditional ones.

Thanks for looking...and remember those who gave their lives and continue to serve so that we enjoy the freedom we have today.


  1. Very lovely, I also did mine with a Poppy field as a tribute to Rememberance Day.

    Happy nail art! XXX

  2. Peche: I'm happy to hear you did a Remembrance Day mani too as I haven't seen many out there in the blogesphere for it or Veterns Day for some odd reason...!

    It is hard to come up with an original mani when there aren't many poppy images out there!


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