Monday, November 12, 2012

Review of Big SdP V

 I should rename this post...Those With Long Nails Rejoice!

One of the most common complaints out there regarding stamping is that the images aren't long enough to fit those with really long nails.  Shirley at Dashica took notice and one of her newly released image plates, Big SdP V, seems to have been designed with this in mind.  I must say that before Big SdP V was released, Dashica's images were already one of the largest out there but these are super long!  I can also say that other than the newly released LLC plates, there are no images plates out there that exist that are longer.  I comparison stamped most of the well known series of plates, recognizing that they aren't all here; however, if I've missed one and you are wanted to see, please comment and I will update accordingly...... there's a good likelihood I probably have one in the missed series to sample  :)

Here are some pix of paper swatches I did with most series compared to a few images from Big SdP V.  Unfortunately, I didn't stamp very straight; I'd suggest you click on the pix for a better view if needed!

I may have duplicated some of the images when taking the pix but this should be a pretty good indication of how large the images are for comparison purposes.  You will notice that DRK B is wider but not as long; Dashica also had another plate, Big SdP U, that also has reallyyyyy wide images on it.  

 As a stamper who can't line up images very straight...heck, I miss stamp a lot of images and then have to figure out a way to camouflage it.... I can only image how those with long nails find it trying to line up the image when they are double stamping onto their nails when an image doesn't fit fully...this looks like it would solve the double stamping issue for most....I guess unless you're nails are in the uber super duper length category!

Dashica** products can be found here

My next post will feature a mani that I did with this plate...thanks for looking!

**Big SdP V was provided for review.  Please refer to my disclosure policy for further information.


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