Sunday, December 23, 2012

Challenge Mani

This weeks FB Adventures in Stamping Challenge was to do a mani featuring the colours from your Christmas tree.  My tree pretty much has most colours under the rainbow, but has strong gold and red decorative accents, which is also the majority of the colour scheme for the rest of the house decorations, so those were the colours I chose to do for the's what I came up with.


Started with a base of two coats of Layla Softouch Effect 02.  I received this polish as a RAOK from KarenD at Frazzle and Aniploish.  After seeing the Layla's in one of her blog posts and then looking for them at Ulta during my last cross border shopping trip but they weren't available, KarenD was good enough to offer to pick them up with a few other pretties....THEN before I have even had a chance to pay, she messaged that they were on their way to me!   Thanks so much again, Karen!


Added a few holiday decorations using red Konad special polish and Sally Hansen Jumpin' Jupiter using D07 (present on pinky), Sugar Bubbles special 01 (wreath on thumb), and fauxnad D (tree on middle, candy cane on ring and mistletoe on index).


I was going to do a few accent dots but then I remembered a newly arrived polish from Candy Lacquer called Rudolph's Treats that is circular (!!!) glitters in green, gold and red in a clear base.  So I fished them out and added red on the tree for ornaments and others to accent the wreath and the other images.  Then I fished out more of the circular dots and used to accent throughout as well as used a star shaped rhinestone for the tree topper.


Bottle pix of Candy Lacquer Rudolph's Treats.


Added SV.


Just before taking it off, I topped the mani with Essie Matte About You (which is the first pix) and this is the version I like the most.

Hope you had a fantastic weekend....thanks for looking!


  1. LOVE this manicure and how ironic that it was already on the way.

  2. This is gorgeous! I especially love the tree stamp

  3. Beautiful!
    Very festive!
    Merry Christmas!

  4. I love it. Looks gorgeous!
    .  。.  。 .   ・ ☆Merry Christmas!☆ .  。.
     .  ・     o .  。.  。     . . ・  .   。
        ☆ 。    。   . . ・  . ・  .o.  。. .
     .  人  .  ・     . . ・  . 。゜・  .   o
      ノ::oゝ  .  。.  。   . . ・  . ・ . ・  .
      ノ;;;;; ゞ・ .  . ・  .o・ . ・  . . ・  .   ・ . .
      ノ;;o;;; * ゝ。o .   . . ・  .   . . ・  .  ・
     ノ;;;j;;;; @ゞ      o. ・  .  .  。.  。 .
    ノ;;&;;;;;;,,..... ゝ  ∧,,∧  .  . .   ∧∧   ・ ・..  。
       || |゚  .  ミ,,・∀・ミっΨ Ψc(゚ー゚*) . ・  .o
    。ヘニニニニ7 ミ..u@o . ・ ・ .   c..uo)~ . 。

  5. This is super cute! I love the base color you used, especially mattified

  6. Scuse my language but HOLY CRAP that is a cute manicure! So cool. :) Makes me want to run out and buy more nail plates! Very well done.


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