Thursday, February 11, 2016

Silver Valentine Nails

I have been going through some old computer files because I was getting warnings that I was running low on disk space.  I came upon this mani I did around this time last year that I had not yet shared and had to laugh at myself.  When I'm going to do a series of manis like for a holiday or theme, I go through all my plates and take out the appropriate plates that have an image on them what I might want to use.  That way, when I sit down to do the mani, I only have to look through a short stack of plates.  Well obviously these images are favourites because they made their way onto my nails last year and again this year...including two on the exact same nails in this mani that I shared not too long ago here.  I thought this was very funny!  Here's the mani that I did back back in January 2015.

Started with a base of two coats of Elevation Polish Silversword.

I'm not sure which stamping polish this is sorry as I can't remember and didn't have it in my notes but I'm gathering from the look at it that it is FAB red as it is a little brigther than Konad red.  Plates used are Sugar Bubbles SB 015 (pinky), Sugar Bubbles SB 029 (ring), MJ JR-1 (thumb), Infinity 88 (index) and Sugar Bubbles SB 011.

Sugar Bubbles SB 015

Infinity 88


Sugar Bubbles SB 029

Topped with KBShimmer Clearly on top to finish.

It is so odd looking back at these pix a year later; they don't even look like my nails as I rarely keep them this long.  

Thanks for looking!

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